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New And Old Luxury Watches

The main way to group luxury watches is by brand. There are quite a few big names in the business and with new styles being introduced each season, [..]

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Louis Vuitton Handbags – Feeling Beautiful

Everybody agrees that there is something about each and every one of the Louis Vuitton bags that makes a girl ecstatic. The shape, the smoothness, the beautiful design, [..]


Why You Should’t Buy Replica Bag

At first, we are all intrigued by fake bags, so intrigued that we’re actually considering buying this type of product. We are tempted by its beautiful appearance and [..]


Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Famous all over the world for the quality of their products as well as for the technical and aesthetic innovations they have constantly brought on the market, the [..]


Jewelry and Bling

Nothing screams out fashion and beauty like a beautiful piece of jewelry; whether you are going for the retro or vintage look, full of color and textures from [..]


Accessories For Every Man

There are a couple of fashion items that every man should own and not only because they look good but also because they are very practical. Depending on [..]


Unique Fashion Items and Accessories

There’s nothing cooler than unique fashion items and accessories that can be combined with a simple outfit. Here are a few accessories that can be used whenever you [..]


Summer 2012 Various Sunglasses Trends

With summer almost knocking on our door, we need to find out which are the trends for sunglasses. Whether you are going to sunbathe or just want something [..]


Jackpot Winner Fashion Items

There are some fashion items that people can only dream of and perhaps a few of us might manage to buy them if we win the Jackpot. Here [..]


Vivid Fashion with Orphan Socks

Marcia de Carvalho is a Franco Brazilian stylist and fashion designer, born in Sao Paulo, but who has been living in Paris for many years. In love with [..]