Wrap Dress – Perfect Party Dress

A wrap dress is more of a casual dress worn by women during every day activities but it can also be suitable for parties, depending on the style, design and fabrics used. The dress is actually formed by placing one side of it over another and forming a v-shaped neckline. It’s also very feminine as the neckline and the torso part are tight while the rest of the dress is flare, making the woman have an hourglass figure. The dress can be opened or the sides can be sewn together, depending on the design; however, in both cases, the dress looks like it’s made of two pieces that go over another.

Wrap Dress

This type of dress is a great everyday dress if you buy one in a neutral color, which can be combined with most of your accessories. If you want something for summer, you can get one in a fabric that will allow you to keep cool and also has some brighter colors, even some nice looking patterns such as flowers or abstract shapes.

When it comes to accessories that can be easily combined with this dress, belts are great as they mark your waist even better. All types of belts go well with this dress, just remember to wear those that look better on you. If you are very skinny avoid really big belts; on the other hand, if you are overweight, you should avoid small and thin belts. The good thing about this type of dress is the fact that it can be worn by everyone so you can skip the belt if you don’t know what to choose.

The jewelry pieces suited for a wrap dress are those who are a bit simpler and elegant. Due to its complex design, you should avoid wearing really big or really colorful jewelry that stand out. They will only make you look like you are wearing too much or trying to catch people’s attention and you should feel elegant and classy when wearing a wrap dress.

A perfect dress for prom, the wrap dress promises to give even the most unfeminine body shape the elegance it requires.

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