Why You Should’t Buy Replica Bag

At first, we are all intrigued by fake bags, so intrigued that we’re actually considering buying this type of product. We are tempted by its beautiful appearance and by the idea that we could look more stylish with a designer bag on our arm, even if it is just a replica. The truth is that a fake purse isn’t as great as it may seem. It has numerous downsides and if you make the mistake of buying a knockoff you may end up regretting this decision. Why is that?  Well, I can list you at least 4 reasons.


  1. Replica bags aren’t perfect copies

The first thing replica sellers tell us about fakes is that these are perfect copies of the original purses. This is the biggest lie ever. Maybe for a person who isn’t familiar with the authentic design, a clone may seem pretty genuine looking, but for someone who knows a thing or two about these products the difference is more than obvious. The first important difference is the fabric used for manufacturing the purse. The factories that make imitation bags do not have access to good quality leather or canvas and because of this they use inferior fabrics that, obviously, look very different and have a distinct feel. Authentic designer handbags have a very elegant shine and a delicate feel while replicas are too shiny and have a cheap texture.

  1. Replica bags smell

That’s right, ladies. You can smell a replica from miles away. This isn’t an exaggeration, but rather a normal consequence of the fact that these copies are made from poor materials that need very strong chemicals to shine and have a suppler feel. The Internet is full with complaints from customers who were tempted by the illusion of getting a replica bag at a fraction of the price of the authentic purse. After receiving the knockoff, these ladies were shocked to discover that it was impossible to wear the fake handbag due to the very strong smell.

  1. Poor quality hardware

On a bag, the hardware is very important. Each designer uses a certain type of metal that is unique due to its shine, color, craftsmanship and embossed logos. All metallic parts of a bag are usually stamped with the brand’s name or logo. The problem with replicas is that they have poor quality hardware that fade off in time, start to rust or do not have the correct logos.

  1. It’s all in the details

Of course, the complexity and beauty of a luxury designer bag consists of its intricate details and the gorgeous way that these blend together to create an exquisite fashion accessory. Details like the symmetry of the stitches, the shape of the handles, the authenticity tags, dust bag and the font of the texts make the difference between a replica and the genuine handbag. If one of these very small things is distinct then anyone can tell that your purse is a fake.

The conclusion here is that the perfection and uniqueness of an original bag consists of its flawless craftsmanship, refined materials and delicate feel, and, unfortunately, replicas will always be just some cheap and tacky copies that aren’t worth anyone’s attention and money.


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