Vivid Fashion with Orphan Socks

Marcia de Carvalho is a Franco Brazilian stylist and fashion designer, born in Sao Paulo, but who has been living in Paris for many years. In love with crafts, lace and accessories, she has a taste for bright and sunny colors. Of a very eclectic nature, her tastes result sometimes in conflicting styles. Whether this refers to the choice of materials, of shapes or colors, she combines rustic and refined, feminine and masculine, basic and glamorous and comes up with amazing surprises for fashion lovers.

After having spent her childhood between her mother’s fashion boutiques and her father’s ecological convictions, she succeeded to turn one of the great mysteries of everyday life into original models of dresses, scarves, sweaters and even jewelry. We often put two socks in the washing machine and only one gets out of it, condemned to a life of solitude. In order to revive the orphan socks that she found while arranging her sons’ wardrobe, Marcia De Carvalho had the idea of recycling and transforming them into fashion items.

This fashion house regularly organizes collection campaigns to gather raw materials for their new collection. Washed, disjointed, cut, stretched, sewn and assembled, these socks are turned ​​into T-shirts, dresses, sweaters and other pieces of clothing that amaze by their comfort, elegance and style. The designs are unique and as colorful as the world of socks can be.

Her collections are sold in her two stores in Paris and in several multi-brand boutiques in France, Europe, Middle East, Japan, USA and soon in Brazil, but also online. All her creations bear the seal of her intuitive imagination.  A small top made of socks pieces with crochet embroidery on the edges, a patchworked dress or floral patterned boots, they all come with an environmental thought as well as with vision and a lot of creative input.


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