Toms Shoes

If you want something different and fashionable, why not get some TOMS shoes. These cute fashion items are very lightweight and comfortable and although the company is relativity new, the shoes have made quite an impact on the fashion world. The design is based on alpargata, an Argentinean style that uses light materials such as cotton to create light footwear with a flexible rubber sole. Usually, there is no heel to the design to maintain the simple look and feel.

 Toms Shoes

When TOMS was founded, in 2006, the main goal was to help people in need. This idea came when Blake Mycoskie and his sister were in Argentina while participating in the popular TV competition, The Amazing Race. Since they started making shoes, for every pair sold, they donated one to a person that was in need of shoes but didn’t afford them. This mentality brought a lot of positive attention towards the company and the shoes quickly became a fashion symbol.

TOMS shoes can now be found in a wide variety of models and they are quite fashionable. The price is also affordable and most models cost around $50 although there are some that can set you back $100; a small price to pay for such a nice pair of shoes which you can hardly feel on your feet. They are perfect for the warm season or for wearing around the house. Once you buy one pair, you will surely come back for another, and another.

There you have it, a pair of shoes that is very stylish and which you will forget you have them one due to their light weight. The fact that with every pair you buy, you help a child in need makes TOMS shoes a must have when it comes to fashion items for every season.

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