Summer 2012 Various Sunglasses Trends

With summer almost knocking on our door, we need to find out which are the trends for sunglasses. Whether you are going to sunbathe or just want something to protect your eyes during your daily chores, sunglasses are definitely a must during summer.

Round Shaped Sunglasses – these are definitely in this season and already a lot of celebrities have been seen wearing them. The bigger, the better so make sure that you take a pair that has big lenses if you want to stay in trend this season.

Classic 50s look – the classic look is now in trend; add elegance to your outfit with the Marilyn Monroe style sunglasses and make your entrance in a diva mode. You can choose whatever colors you want as long as they are retro.

Contrast sunglasses – these are pretty amazing, especially if they have certain colors that make a beautiful contrast; you shouldn’t think about black and white contrast, think about colorful glasses, not the usual contrasts. Perhaps you can even choose contrasting patterns or something similar that will make them stand out.

Sporty glasses – you can definitely choose these glasses if you are into sports; they are perfect for everyday wear and casual outfits. The whole idea is to create an effortless and comfortable look.

Uncommon shapes – a great trend this season is having sunglasses with uncommon shapes, such as the ones that were used in the 80s. You can get heart shaped, rectangle or even star shaped sunglasses; they will definitely make you look hip and give that uniqueness to your outfit. This is surely a great and fun way to dress when you are going out with your friends.

Motorcycle glasses – these have been in trend for a long time now and they keep on being desirable for everybody; there’s nothing sexier than a cool look that involves motorcycle glasses.

Sunglasses are a way to accessorize your outfits and bring a little hint of coolness to your look; also don’t forget to buy sunglasses that are of good quality as you will want to protect your eyes in the process too.


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