Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Famous all over the world for the quality of their products as well as for the technical and aesthetic innovations they have constantly brought on the market, the American sunglasses manufacturer has recently issued a new line. Impregnated by the pastel colors of the season, Ray-Ban’s Erika sunglasses prove to be particularly compelling. There is nothing like a revived iconic accessory to give the right amount of twist to a classic outfit.

Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Between a Louis Vuitton collection dominated by the sweet marshmallow colors, a Givenchy collection showcasing baby pink tones and an haute couture show by Elie Saab where colors range from tangerine to aqua green, fashion trends are undoubtedly in favor of the pastel side. After an orgy of Post-it colors during the previous seasons, the fashion world has finally decided to abandon the bright flash of the “stabilo” trend in favor of the soft and sweet aura of faded orange tones, light purple and sky blue.

However, if almost all the ready-to-wear collections are now full of pieces honoring this new color-code, fashionistas should be careful not to turn too quickly all their wardrobe to milkshake tones because there is nothing like a  mismatched lagoon green or an awkwardly accessorized orange to end up with a bland look.

The slim gummy textured frames and tinted lenses of the oversized Ray-Ban’s Erika sunglasses will provide a classical outfit with a fresh and chic touch. However, they are not to be combined with a daffodil yellow perfecto, for which a timeless accessory is more recommended. Ideal for spawning discreetly with the sweet pastel shades of the season, Erika should have no trouble upgrading liberty silhouettes, to update the total denim looks, to bring a twist to medium length skirts and to make a little urban touch to the famous Paul Smith pajama style.


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