Party Accessories For A Fashionable Look

If you have a big party coming up and you don’t really know what accessories to wear just think elegance and style; some may also include comfort but this is usually at the end of the lest when it comes to fashion. While some women may choose to wear a gorgeous dress without any accessories because the outfit is enough, with the right accessories you can turn a classic dress into the latest trend.

Starting with the best friend a woman can have, the clutch bag. There is something very special about a clutch bag because it gives you the possibility to take out just the essential from your everyday bag and have fun with it.

 Once you have the perfect bag, the shoes have to match and complete the outfit. Here is where the lack of comfort can be felt but this is not always the case and you can opt for some middle-long heels if you want to feel your legs after midnight. High heels are the best design wise and they always look amazing on a party outfit.

Big earrings are very popular and they seem to be getting bigger and bigger. Don’t be afraid to go for something large as long as they go well with the shape of your face. You can also consider some jewelry such as a bracelet or a necklace but don’t put too much because then it might be too “in your face”.

When it comes to these accessories, don’t be afraid to get something sparkly and golden.


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  1. Dear Juliet. It is really sad to hear that you think we cioped someone else. During the last Fashion Week in Amsterdam we did photograph famous people with our bag. And ILFN did that with their bracelets (which we love and actually wear!). But that doesn’t mean that we cioped it. We just didn’t know it. It’s not that the put-a-celeb-on-the-picture-to-promote-our-website- thing’ is really original. Many websites and even magazines did that.Are we bad?!? Well, we don’t think so. In fact: Garance Dore and Susie Bubble really liked it and posed with it. Garance even asked for our bag, so we think we did a good job, right?Just relax! There’s no need to be bitchy about it. Fashionland is to lovely for it. And yes, we can laugh about it. Hopefully we’ll see you at some kind of fashion party in the future. Then you can see we’re not copycats at all.XoXo (yes, we did copy that line from Gossip Girl. Guilty as hell!)