New And Old Luxury Watches

The main way to group luxury watches is by brand. There are quite a few big names in the business and with new styles being introduced each season, it can be hard to keep up with all the changes. Rolex watches have certainly withstood the test of time and the company makes about two thousand watches each day. That is very much considering the prices and the exclusivity offered by this brand but there will always be a demand for glamorous timepieces mainly because of the way that people see them. These watches are appreciated as status symbols for the elite and a name like Rolex will always get recognized very easily.


It is not just about the new styles, heritage is very important when it comes to luxury watches and while there are some names that are very recent, most big companies have a long history and strong traditions in making perfect timepieces. Rolex watches have been around since 1905 and over this time, many unique models have appeared that brought change and innovation. The most valuable timepieces on specialty sites like Horologue, are those from limited editions that have a serial number. This makes them collectibles and you can’t simply set a price on them. The original Rolex Daytona series, for example, had a unique four digit code on every model so that people could keep track of every model from the limited series. Once the series was sold, the demand was still very high so Rolex decided to create a new series with a six digit code; although these models are valuable, the first series remains priceless.

Rolex watches have always been good at combining the new with the old. Keeping traditions alive with every timepiece is what makes this brand so important but making each of the status symbols for the modern elite is what makes them fashionable. It is no wonder then, why Rolex timepieces are valued and desired by everyone.

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