Marc Jacobs – The Fashion Designer That Reinvented Fashion

Marc Jacobs is one of the biggest fashion designers in the world with styles that can be inspired from the past or looking towards the future. He is the main designer for Marc Jacobs, a fashion house which can be found all around the globe due to the numerous retail stores available in 80 countries. Mr. Jacobs is also the head designer for Marc, which is a different line from the main brand, as well as the creative director of Louis Vuitton since ’97. His vision and fashion ideas have made it him one of the most influential people in the world.

His early life wasn’t as glamorous as most would expect and actually a bit tragic. His father died when Marc was only seven years old which meant that all the responsibilities with raising him would fall on his mother. Marc Jacobs declared that his mother was mentally ill and that she didn’t take care of her kids as much as she should have had; this was the main reason why he decided to live with his grandmother.

The sense for fashion that made him who he is today was visible since he was young and after graduating from the High School of Art and Design, he won the prestigious Perry Ellis Gold Thimble Award in 1984 as well as other big titles.

Marc Jacobs is also a fighter for gay marriage and in 2009, he launched a shirt that demanded the legalization of this idea. He is also quite the celebrity in New York and can be found at a lot of exclusive events.

While some people may argue that Marc Jacobs designs are a copy of past collections, he claims that true fashion is not just one man’s vision but more of a collection of styles and ideas throughout the century; he also claims that he doesn’t design clothes meant to be sexy or hot but rather something more subtle and elegant. Being ranked 12th of the world’s most influential gay men and women makes Marc Jacobs an amazing fashion designer and the fact that he keeps true to his own styles while getting inspiration from past decades makes it all even greater.

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