Louis Vuitton Paris Fashion Show

Fashion shows are organized works of arts where people can go to see the latest things in fashion and admire their favorite designers. Paris is one of the biggest fashion cities in the world so you can be sure that the recent fashion show in Paris was seen by everyone interested in fashion. There were many elements that made it great and Marc Jacobs managed to end the week in a great way with a Louis Vuitton train that amazed everybody there.

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The show made by the famous designer was amazing down to the smallest detail as it was a night to remember with steam coming from the train and gorgeous designs on the black catwalk. There were some common aspects between his fashion show and the image of Willy Wonka but in a much more fashionable way.

Taking our attention towards what actually was happening on the catwalk, there were some beautiful stiff coats that had jeweled buttons and the fashionable dresses that were over the tailored pants. It all looked like it came straight out of a fairy tale and the patent leather with metal rivets set the tone for the Fall/Winter season.

Other fashion items on the catwalk were cashmere dresses in some interesting colors such as mustard or red. Blue and brown were also not far away and Louis Vuitton seems to have done it again.

A noticeable accessory seen at this fashion show were the large hats worn by the models. These were tall and fluffy, colored to match the dress and low enough to almost cover the eyes of the models. The look was certainly completed by this touch and they worked great with the long coats. Another aspect that made these outfits so amazing was the fact that there was a man in a uniform, with white gloves right behind each model carrying their suitcase and this brought a very distinct and classic style to the catwalk.

It is safe to say that every aspect was carefully considered at this Paris fashion show and that Louis Vuitton offered exactly that, a show. A last thing to mention was the dress worn by Marc Jacobs which he wore at the end of the show to take a bow.

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