Jewelry and Bling

Nothing screams out fashion and beauty like a beautiful piece of jewelry; whether you are going for the retro or vintage look, full of color and textures from chunky to clunky and the bigger the better.

So when you are looking to add to your jewelry collection or just looking to add a few pieces to your collection then you are indeed in for a treat.

Jewelry fashions have a tendency to change according to each new season, and picking out new jewelry is a fabulous and fun way to update your look. If you want to introduce new styles into your look, you can choose two or three pieces that jump out and grab you by the throat.

big bracelet

If your look is bright and jazzy, choose a glistening large bracelet or giant pendant. If you want a more classic style and maintain a sense of conservatism, you can for the old standbys such as pearl earrings or you may even choose a few vintage pieces such as chokers, brooches, and jewels that go in your hair which harkens back to the decade of the 1940’s.

bib necklace

Another trend is the bib necklace these necklaces are jewelry that contain two or more layers of gemstones and or chains stacked against each other to form a shape around the neck like how a bib would on a baby. There are endless possibilities when choosing this style of jewelry.

Gold is in again, anything gold is en vogue, as well as sterling silver, these two metals have always been a staple in the jewelry market and when you combine one of these two with any of the beautiful gem stones that are out there, they are a win-win, who doesn’t love the look of sapphire mixed with silver? So go out and buy some bling.


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