Jackpot Winner Fashion Items

There are some fashion items that people can only dream of and perhaps a few of us might manage to buy them if we win the Jackpot. Here are some of the most expensive, but also quite fascinating fashion articles.

Diamond Bikini

If you want to go out tanning in style, you should think of wearing diamond bikini. This probably should be the first item you buy after winning the Jackpot since diamonds will never lose their value. It “only” costs a few million dollars so it really depends on how much you win. Think about how envious your friends would be after you show up at a pool party wearing your beautiful, sparkly, diamond bikini.

Luis Vuitton – The Tribute Patchwork Bag

You can’t have a pair of expensive bikini without a beautiful expensive bag to show off. This one doesn’t cost millions, but it costs about $45,000 and it was created using different samples of fabric and pieces from all the other Luis Vuitton handbags. If you win the Jackpot you should probably hurry to buy this one, as there are just a few pieces in the world.

DKNY Fragrance Bottle

If you are feeling very snobbish after winning the Jackpot, you should definitely buy one of the most expensive perfumes in the world, the limited edition DKNY which has about 183 sapphires, 2,700 diamonds, and 14 karat yellow and white gold, all created by jewelry designer Martin Katz. Did I also mention the 2,43-carat yellow canary diamond? This perfume is definitely fit for somebody who just won the Jackpot.

Chipkos Flip Flops

Summer is coming and since you already have the Diamond Bikini, you should also get the most amazing flip flops to pair it with. These flip-flops literally cost a fortune and they were hand-painted by the artist David Palmer for Chipkos. However, even if you are spending about $18,000 on a pair, you should know that everything is for a good cause. It seems that 100,000 square feet of rainforest is saved and protected whenever you buy a pair.

If you are one of the extremely lucky people who just won the Jackpot  and don’t know what to buy first, these are just a few ideas in terms of fashion.


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