Fashion Items With Geometric Designs

Bold geometric shapes can be the style you are looking for in 2012. Sharp corners can create an amazing contrast with the curves a woman’s body and the many designs available make it very easy for everyone to find the right outfit.

Horizontal stripes have always been very fashionable and it is the safe way to go. Black and white stripes can make you look thinner and it is a great choice for this spring despite the rich palate of colors available; it is always nice to do something different.

Other geometric shapes such as diamonds and rectangles are more modern and they provide an edgy look perfect for the active woman of today. A dress with bold geometric designs can also offer a sporty look. One of the main things that can be noticed with these fashion items is the contrast made between two colors; black and white are the most obvious ones but dark blue and light yellow also work perfectly. It is not uncommon for floral patterns or other playful designs to be included within the geometric shapes to create even more contrast.

When it comes to these fashion items, the accessories you choose to wear can be very important and the best choice is always a large handbag with a rectangular shape. This goes well with the pattern on the outfit and it will fit in nicely with your new modern look. It is recommended to keep the hair up or tied back without any big jewelry items that will take attention from the outfit; basically, everything should be clean and simple to go with the lines of the dress.

No matter if you choose a tight dress or draped fabrics, as long as it has some big geometric design, it will surely look good. These outfits are perfect for a casual day out or for going to work because they are professional while still maintaining a sexy vibe. When you get tired of all the bright colors that are thrown at you this season, just take a step back and wear your favorite black and white outfit with some geometric shapes on it.

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