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Once upon a time, everything was handmade. All the clothes people wore were made by someone sewing deep into the night and if you look at paintings from a few centuries ago you’ll be amazed at the fine details and rich embroidery of the costumes people wore. Everything handmade.

Mass production brought an abundance of products – rows upon rows of identical products lining the aisles of our malls. And yet, people still love handmade products. Go to any handmade fair anywhere in the world and you will find it crowded with people looking for something special.

Stand out from the crowd with handmade clothes

You can impress many people with the label on your shirt, yet what does that say about you? Only that you make enough money to dress at such and such shop. Does it make you special in any way? Not really, there are many others who buy their clothes at the same shop.

Handmade clothes have been staging a comeback these past few years exactly because people understand that choosing something that is unique is what makes you stand out and mark you as a discernible shopper, not just another consumer of mass-produced cheap stuff.

Ladies are definitely more in luck as the handmade market has plenty to offer them. Who wouldn’t want a delicate silk blouse someone took the trouble of dyeing manually is wondrous shades of blue? Or how about a long flowing dress with a definite vintage air about it.

Go to any department store and you will find dozens of ordinary T-shirts with lame slogans printed on them like “Gorgeous”. You might indeed be a gorgeous person, but there are hundreds of customers in other stores looking at the same T-shirt.

Go to an artisan fair or look online for handmade boutiques and you will find the same basic T-shirt decorated with an exquisite model – hand painted. Which one would you choose?

Handmade jewelry – made with love

When you walk in a handmade boutique or browse an online handmade store like Anca Jewelry, you can immediately feel those products are special. There are no two items alike even if they belong to the same collection.

What’s so alluring about all those earrings and bracelets is the care someone put into them to make them perfect. That someone behind all those lovely pieces is an artist – it’s not someone supervising a production line, completely indifferent to the whole process.

An artist puts a bit of his or her soul into every product. They can probably imagine the woman who would wear the heart-shaped earrings on a special date or the loving wife picking out an onyx bracelet for her husband’s bracelet.

Many people say it’s the human touch that makes handmade jewelry so appealing!

Handmade jewelry is not designed based on what masses of consumers might like, they’re made for individuals. All you have to do is to search for the product that’s right for you!

One thing many do not understand about handmade jewelry is that artisans spend so much time choosing the perfect gemstones for their products and the materials they use are of better quality than that of mass made items. The reason is that an artisan doesn’t have to pay for equipment, workers’ wages, overheads. It’s just them working in their little workshop so they can afford to spend more on quality materials, not cheap imitations.

Art in front of your eyes

If you go to a fair it’s not uncommon to see an artisan working on a new product as he waits for the customers to make up their minds. Take some time to watch an artist painting a pottery vase, the hand expertly applying a colored pattern all around the still plain object.

If you want to decorate your house in a spectacular manner go to such a fair and you can find real treasures, things nobody else has.

The eco-friendly option

One of the reasons handmade products are increasingly popular is the fact all these products are eco-friendly. Nothing in the handmade world comes from heavily-polluting factories: decorative items made with just painted clay, wood carvings, home-weaved blankets.

The same goes for handmade clothes made with natural fibers, products you can be sure do not come from some sweatshop in Asia.

Or look at handmade jewelry – most products are made with natural gemstones, leather, silver – there’s no plastic nor other materials treated with harsh chemicals.

If you’re looking to reinvent yourself, do yourself a favor and go for handmade fashion. Show you’re unique with really unique products.

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