Eva Herzigová

The beautiful Eva Herzigova is mostly known from her famous Wonderbra campaign that was voted in a Poster of the Century contest. She became a top supermodel mostly because her unique look manages to stand out in any advertisement she did.

A lot of people don’t know that she was in fact born in Czechoslovakia and was discovered when she was 17. She was actually visiting Germany with her parents and the American Modeling Agency Madison asked her to enter a beauty contest. She was extremely popular in the 90’s and was featured in a lot of high-end fashion advertisement.

Eva Herzigová-Model

Since then she became a world fashion model and even pursued a career in acting, like most well-known fashion models and had her film debut in the movie called Les Anges Gardien with Gerard Depardieu. She argues that her decision to become an actress is based on the fact that she cannot be a model when she is old but she will be able to be an actress even when she will be 60 years old. This only shows what a responsible and down to earth person she is.

Her personal life has been quite normal for a model and she managed to create little controversy during her career, unlike other models who had problems with drugs and media scandals.  She married Tico Torres, the famous drummer from Bon Jovi in 1996 but they divorced after only 2 years. Now she is in a relationship with Gregorio Marsiaj with whom she has a son.

She recently launched a clothing line with the French brand Etam; she is also involved in a lot of humanitarian work and nowadays she is helping children who face leukemia.

Although she is considered old at age 39 in the fashion industry she recently did a photo-shoot playing the role of the famous Marilyn Monroe for the famous photographer Vincent Peters.

Although Eva is not much into the spotlight as she used to be she still does a lot of ad campaigns for well-known designers and fashion houses which shows that talent can easily stand the test of time.

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