Christian Lacroix

Christian Lacroix is a fashion designer from France and is considered to be the most influential designer. He started designing at a very early age and he liked drawing historical costumes. Later this seemed to be his greatest passion as he went to study Art History.

His career started when he worked for Hermes and Jean Patou. He started his own couture house in 1987 and soon started selling ready to wear clothes in 1988. His style was greatly appreciated as it involved elements from different culture and very unique features. It also seemed that his passion for historical costumes was showing in his designs as he created really sumptuous dresses that included corsets and crinoline, both elements symbolizing Victorian Era. His style is easily recognized because he always uses bright and hot colors and different material combinations.

christian lacroix

Unfortunately his finances had their downfall in 2009 and he declared that he gained little profit from his business. But his designs managed to influence the fashion world in many ways. A lot of his iconic pieces are based on the past and folklore. Others are based on different ethnic styles or theatrical styles.

He created a few perfume line in 1999 and later he became a partner with Avon and was the designer of a perfume called Christian Lacroix Rouge for women and Christian Lacroix Noir for men. Both products were very successful and lead to creating other fragrances in partnership with Avon Company.

He is also an interior designer, a curator and takes great pleasure in being involved in history projects.  Sometimes he takes projects to design different costumes for operas and theaters as he can easily let his imagination go and do what he knows best.

Nowadays he had taken a project and is collaborating with a clothing brand called Desigual, a Spanish company. Christian Lacroix will always remain an important name in the fashion industry, not only for his unique styles but also for his dedication and affection he had for people who worked for him. He was always worried about women in the fashion industry and was devastated when his company lost millions of dollars. Fortunately, he still designs and collaborates with a lot of important people so we can still take pleasure in admiring his work.

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