Christian Dior – Work Dedicated To Women

Christian Dior was a fashion designer from France who was born in a wealthy family. His parents hoped that he would became a diplomat but his creative style and the fact that he was drawn to art made him turn to fashion. He also owned a small art gallery and after losing his business he started working with the well-known designer Robert Piguet. After serving in the army he came back and joined the fashion house called Lucien Lelong. He was quite successful that time and he is known to have been having contact with Nazi officers and he managed to keep his business during the war.

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He opened his famous fashion house in 1946 and he soon became popular because he managed to create very feminine pieces with lovely elements that made the women who wore them very voluptuous. A lot of elements were part of his collection and things like corsets or petticoats were the most important features of his creations.

His personal life was kept away from the public but we know that he was openly gay and he died without having a family of his own. There is a lot of controversy surrounding his death circumstances. Some people believe he died of a heart attack after playing cards, others offer other explanation such as dying after chocking with a fish bone. However, there are some who say that he actually had a hard attack after having a very demanding sexual experience, but nobody is sure of what happened before he died and to this day, nobody knows how he actually died. Everything that is known is the fact that he died while being on vacation in Italy in 1957.

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Christian Dior revolutionized the fashion world through his fantastic themes and colorful materials. He managed to create a beautiful design that would complement any woman and make her features stand out. This is what fashion should be about and the early fashion houses teach us that it’s not about prestige and fancy materials as it is about making the person who wears those close feel better about themselves and gain confidence.

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