Boxy Tops

Fashion trends change every day and with them new ways of accessorizing and expressing yourself are available. One of the latest fashion trends is the crop top, a beautiful feminine top that will definitely enhance your figure and make you look chic.


The crop top actually appeared in the 90s and since then it only had one comeback, in the 2013 when people started wearing it everywhere. If you remember how Spice Girls dressed you probably know what the crop top is, a top that is just above the navel. The top may be a bit too much for some and it’s definitely one of those that can be worn after a certain age but if you are under 30 you can definitely pull off this lovely fashion item.

The first glance at this type of top reminds us of those 90s clips with fashion models and you kind of have to be one to wear one because it is very revealing.   However, there are solutions for those who are a bit shyer but would also love to wear one of these, you can definitely opt for something that comes with more material and only shows part of your abdomen. The 2013 catwalks have shown women wearing crop tops with skirts and pants but the most impressive designs have been the once that tried to give this sporty item a more elegant touch. Crop tops that exposed just a fine strap of the abdomen,  those that exposed the lower part of the abdomen or tops that had a transparent material over the abdomen are just a few of the compromises fashion designers had to do to make sure that they make this elegant.

So, no matter what your style is, there’s a crop top for everyone. You can wear them with a trench coat and even with high waist skirt. Make sure that you add a few accessories such as long necklaces that reach the exposed part, this way you will have a chic look. Also, don’t be afraid to use color combinations and make sure that you give your top the entire spotlight it deserves.

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