Bolero – An Essential Item

It can be really difficult to go outside in the cold after putting on a sleeveless dress or a top.  This is why having a bolero is very useful and it can be a great top part for your outfit that will enhance some of the best aspects of your body like your waistline or hips if you have a tight outfit.


The bolero, also called a shrug, will cover the top of your body, the shoulders and your arms while revealing the rest of your waist and hips. It’s a perfect piece of clothing to wear over something that is too revealing or to have around when the weather gets too chilly. This is also perfect for brides as they can cover the top part of their wedding dress if it doesn’t have any sleeves.

There are many types of bolero jackets or shrugs, made from different fabrics. Some of the most common are those made from wool or other warm materials as they can be easily worn throughout winter. Also, there are also bolero jackets that are suited for more classy and elegant outfits so they can be worn indoors.  They can also have buttons or be wide open but it’s best to get one with buttons if you plan on wearing it during winter or autumn. The ones that don’t have buttons typically only consist in a fabric that goes along your back with sleeves attached to it.

There are some interesting combinations you can make with your bolero jackets. If you have a very dark outfit you can add a bit of color with a brighter bolero. On the other hand, you can soften bright colors with a more neutral bolero jacket. It’s up to you to find which combination suits you better. If you are good at knitting, you can create your own bolero, there are many patterns on the internet and you can easily find one that you like and make it on your own. If you are not good at crafts, there are thousands of shops online and shops around your area that have a great selection of bolero jackets.

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