Being Trendy at Work

Being fashionable without over doing it … it is subtle equation any active woman should master. What clothing items does she need? How to combine them? Here are a few ideas for you to create your own personalized dress code.

For a cool day at the office, a leather jacket can be an essential asset now that this clothing item has joined the ranks of classic must-haves of any wardrobe. For the office, you should avoid dark colors and choose instead a deep green, a burgundy, a chocolate tone or a charcoal gray. It goes very well with a short and black slim and with jeans if they are not considered too casual within your company’s culture. The shocking surprise can come in the form of a checkered shirt. A very classic bag counteracts the cool effect of the leather jacket.

If you have to meet clients, a floppy neck-tie shirt will bring the fantasy effect to a dark suit. A discrete, but imposing art deco style of necklace will complete the sobriety of such an outfit. A high heeled stiletto style pair of elegant shoes is recommended only if you are used to. Any high-tech looking gadget is welcomed whether it comes in the form of a business bag or of an iPad case.

In the same idea of powerful dressing, a curved short blazer will emphasize your shoulders and will provide an elegant masculine touch to your outfit. It goes with a silk or sating shirt, very feminine and light if the correct color is chosen. A pair of velvet trousers with trendy details like a zip down the leg and a burgundy or anthracite black color strengthen the blazer’s effect. A leather belt is required, but if you want to try a golden version, go for it. Wearing two bags means double stylish effect: a large one for your documents and tiny one for your personal things: keys, phone, wallet.

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