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Boxy Tops

Fashion trends change every day and with them new ways of accessorizing and expressing yourself are available. One of the latest fashion trends is the crop top, a [..]

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Oyster Perpetual 34 mm Date Collection

When it comes to Rolex watches, the Oyster Perpetual collection is definitely one of the most recognized. It features beautifully crafted and simple watches, for both men and [..]

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3 Reasons Why Replicas Are a Really Bad Choice

No one can deny it. The replica industry is getting stronger and more alluring by the day. And the reason for this is mostly our misinformed believes regarding [..]

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Alessandra Ambrosio

April 11, 1981 was a celebrated date if we consider the fact that it marks the birth of Alessandra Ambrosio, a famous fashion model that started her career [..]

Catwalk Stories

Kate Moss

One of the most popular models in the world and an icon of the 90s is Kate Moss. Her raise to fame started at the age of 14 [..]

Catwalk Stories

Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Famous all over the world for the quality of their products as well as for the technical and aesthetic innovations they have constantly brought on the market, the [..]


Louis Vuitton Paris Fashion Show

Fashion shows are organized works of arts where people can go to see the latest things in fashion and admire their favorite designers. Paris is one of the [..]

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Bolero – An Essential Item

It can be really difficult to go outside in the cold after putting on a sleeveless dress or a top.  This is why having a bolero is very [..]

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Toms Shoes

If you want something different and fashionable, why not get some TOMS shoes. These cute fashion items are very lightweight and comfortable and although the company is relativity [..]

Fashion Clothes

Jewelry and Bling

Nothing screams out fashion and beauty like a beautiful piece of jewelry; whether you are going for the retro or vintage look, full of color and textures from [..]