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Fashion Handmade Products

Once upon a time, everything was handmade. All the clothes people wore were made by someone sewing deep into the night and if you look at paintings from [..]

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Wrap Dress – Perfect Party Dress

A wrap dress is more of a casual dress worn by women during every day activities but it can also be suitable for parties, depending on the style, [..]

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Christian Lacroix

Christian Lacroix is a fashion designer from France and is considered to be the most influential designer. He started designing at a very early age and he liked [..]

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All White for The Summer

Minimal white is one of the hottest summer trends, which characterizes the idea to wear clothing in white, all in white. There is nothing more charming than a [..]

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New And Old Luxury Watches

The main way to group luxury watches is by brand. There are quite a few big names in the business and with new styles being introduced each season, [..]

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Christian Dior – Work Dedicated To Women

Christian Dior was a fashion designer from France who was born in a wealthy family. His parents hoped that he would became a diplomat but his creative style [..]

Catwalk Stories

Eva Herzigová

The beautiful Eva Herzigova is mostly known from her famous Wonderbra campaign that was voted in a Poster of the Century contest. She became a top supermodel mostly [..]

Catwalk Stories

Louis Vuitton Handbags – Feeling Beautiful

Everybody agrees that there is something about each and every one of the Louis Vuitton bags that makes a girl ecstatic. The shape, the smoothness, the beautiful design, [..]


What You Should Look Out For This Summer

While everyone is keeping a close eye on what to wear for spring 2015 we all know that the star of a year’s seasons is summer. So in [..]

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Why You Should’t Buy Replica Bag

At first, we are all intrigued by fake bags, so intrigued that we’re actually considering buying this type of product. We are tempted by its beautiful appearance and [..]