All White for The Summer

Minimal white is one of the hottest summer trends, which characterizes the idea to wear clothing in white, all in white. There is nothing more charming than a shining white next to a tanned skin and probably this is the reason the white to be always on fashion. Can you imagine a summer without men in white shirts or women in white skirts? Surely not. However, to be dressed in accordance with the “minimal white” fashion theme for summer, you should wear white from the head to the shoes. Business suits, casual wear and evening clothing – everything is allowed to be white!


There is one big trick, which is in the top trends for this summer as well: the use of bold colors together with the minimal white. Small accessories like a fine scarf or a bracelet on the wrist in bold colors will make your white dress or pantsuit even whiter! In order to soften the white suit in specific situations, you may use softer colors next to face and as accessories (like shoes or a bag). There is almost no color, which cannot be combined with white. However, if you would like to stick strictly to the “minimal white” trend, you ought to avoid mixture of bold colors with white. Such a colorful combination will make you lose the elegance of your dressing.

There are some rules in wearing white, which can help you to be brilliant in this “all white” style:

  • When buying skirts, trousers, dresses or jackets, prefer closer and thicker fabrics. The most important is that the seams cannot be visible from the outer side of the clothes. The same is valid for the pocket bags: they must always be invisible, especially on trousers. Only the fabric of a flared skirt or a blouse may be transparent to some extend. However, you should be careful in which situation to wear them.
  • Be careful not to obtain “medical” look. Such a look of a nurse or lab assistant can be easily reach when low heeled shoes are combined with “all white” clothes. In any case a color accent may change the situation.
  • Forget about colorful underwear. The last refers mainly to colorful bikini, as a contrast color bra may give you sexy look under a white jacket with a deep neckline. Certainly, this style is more appropriate for evening party than for the office.
  • Find out your shade of white. There are so many shades of the white color, that you will surely find the best for the tan of your skin. You may combine different white shades in one dressing, there is no need the shades to be perfectly the same. This “impasto” of white can be very elegant! A practical trick is to see how the white shades go together on the sunlight. Darkness can change colors and especially the shades of white become quite invisible. Be careful as some combination of white shades in one dressing may result in “worn out” look.
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