Alessandra Ambrosio

April 11, 1981 was a celebrated date if we consider the fact that it marks the birth of Alessandra Ambrosio, a famous fashion model that started her career early on. Since the age of 12, she knew exactly what she wanted to do for the rest of her life and so she enrolled in modeling classes. After 3 years, when she was 15 years old, she became a model for Dilson Stein. The thing that launched her modeling career was the fact that she won the Brazil’s Elite Model Look, after that she had a big modeling opportunity when she appeared on the cover of Brazilian Elle magazine. Needless to say that with such big modeling jobs in her portfolio, Alessandra Ambrosio was in great demand.


While she looks great on covers and on the catwalk, it seems that she also likes to be on the small screen; she appeared in quite a few TV shows, including an appearance on the show Entourage. Fans also got to see her along supermodel Tyra Banks as she was a guest twice on the show. A quick glance of this superb fashion model was also available in the hit movie Casino Royale where she had the role of a tennis player.

Aside from being a pleasure to the eyes and a model for young girls everywhere, she also has a spirit for business and her line of swimwear is quickly expanding ever since 2004. With such a great image for a swimsuit line, it is no wonder why so many customers choose it to represent their own style and look amazing on the beach.

While she had many fashion shows, Alessandra is most famous for her work for Victoria’s Secret, a known lingerie brand. She started in 2000 and her work with this known brand still continues today with subsequent shows. During this long history on the catwalk, some outfits stood out in a very interesting way; in 2005 she had an outfit made entirely out of candy.

Being one of the world’s sexiest women is a constant work but Alessandra Ambrosio does it perfectly and no matter if we see her on TV or on the cover of the latest fashion magazine, we can’t help but fall in love with her.

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