A Ski Resort Brought on the Catwalks by Lacoste at New York Fashion Week

Chamonix, the renowned French ski resort, during the 60s… this was the image that inspired Felipe Oliveira Baptista for his second collection with Lacoste. Actually, he declared himself that he looked for inspiration in the crocodile brand’s past. He is not the only fashion designer to do so this year, but he does it in a very ingenious way. The idea came to him when looking at pictures taken during the 60s in the Alpine ski resort.

Does this mean that Lacoste’s collection for the autumn-winter season of 2012-2013 lacks femininity? Not at all. Will the brand become sexy? It seems so if we think about the tight short dresses Baptista presented on the 11th of February on the New York catwalks. Moreover, when reinventing this brand, the Portuguese fashion designer did not lose track of the main features that made this brand from the beginning – comfort and ease of wearing.

Using this multitude of inspirations, Baptista created a sportive collection with an urban twist. The tapered trousers are reviewed and turned into elegant two-tone leggings and the merino sweaters, combo suits and dresses are adorned with zippered pockets and geometrical patchwork patterns. The turtleneck sweaters are also zipped and so are the pockets. Felipe Oliveira Baptista skilfully plays with materials and cuts. He is a master of overlays and he combines leather with large hoods. The color palette includes a lot of blue navy, grey, black and, to be in tone with the season, snow-white.

The show itself was inspired from the cold season. While it was snowing on the streets of New York, white shiny flakes were falling indoors, too. Lacoste collection was not only created for the winter. The fashion designer took this season as main source of inspiration, showing that ski equipment can become elegant and sexy.

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