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Once upon a time, everything was handmade. All the clothes people wore were made by someone sewing deep into the night and if you look at paintings from a few centuries ago you’ll be amazed at the fine details and rich embroidery of the costumes people wore. Everything handmade.

Mass production brought an abundance of products – rows upon rows of identical products lining the aisles of our malls. And yet, people still love handmade products. Go to any handmade fair anywhere in the world and you will find it crowded with people looking for something special.

Stand out from the crowd with handmade clothes

You can impress many people with the label on your shirt, yet what does that say about you? Only that you make enough money to dress at such and such shop. Does it make you special in any way? Not really, there are many others who buy their clothes at the same shop.

Handmade clothes have been staging a comeback these past few years exactly because people understand that choosing something that is unique is what makes you stand out and mark you as a discernible shopper, not just another consumer of mass-produced cheap stuff.

Ladies are definitely more in luck as the handmade market has plenty to offer them. Who wouldn’t want a delicate silk blouse someone took the trouble of dyeing manually is wondrous shades of blue? Or how about a long flowing dress with a definite vintage air about it.

Go to any department store and you will find dozens of ordinary T-shirts with lame slogans printed on them like “Gorgeous”. You might indeed be a gorgeous person, but there are hundreds of customers in other stores looking at the same T-shirt.

Go to an artisan fair or look online for handmade boutiques and you will find the same basic T-shirt decorated with an exquisite model – hand painted. Which one would you choose?

Handmade jewelry – made with love

When you walk in a handmade boutique or browse an online handmade store like Anca Jewelry, you can immediately feel those products are special. There are no two items alike even if they belong to the same collection.

What’s so alluring about all those earrings and bracelets is the care someone put into them to make them perfect. That someone behind all those lovely pieces is an artist – it’s not someone supervising a production line, completely indifferent to the whole process.

An artist puts a bit of his or her soul into every product. They can probably imagine the woman who would wear the heart-shaped earrings on a special date or the loving wife picking out an onyx bracelet for her husband’s bracelet.

Many people say it’s the human touch that makes handmade jewelry so appealing!

Handmade jewelry is not designed based on what masses of consumers might like, they’re made for individuals. All you have to do is to search for the product that’s right for you!

One thing many do not understand about handmade jewelry is that artisans spend so much time choosing the perfect gemstones for their products and the materials they use are of better quality than that of mass made items. The reason is that an artisan doesn’t have to pay for equipment, workers’ wages, overheads. It’s just them working in their little workshop so they can afford to spend more on quality materials, not cheap imitations.

Art in front of your eyes

If you go to a fair it’s not uncommon to see an artisan working on a new product as he waits for the customers to make up their minds. Take some time to watch an artist painting a pottery vase, the hand expertly applying a colored pattern all around the still plain object.

If you want to decorate your house in a spectacular manner go to such a fair and you can find real treasures, things nobody else has.

The eco-friendly option

One of the reasons handmade products are increasingly popular is the fact all these products are eco-friendly. Nothing in the handmade world comes from heavily-polluting factories: decorative items made with just painted clay, wood carvings, home-weaved blankets.

The same goes for handmade clothes made with natural fibers, products you can be sure do not come from some sweatshop in Asia.

Or look at handmade jewelry – most products are made with natural gemstones, leather, silver – there’s no plastic nor other materials treated with harsh chemicals.

If you’re looking to reinvent yourself, do yourself a favor and go for handmade fashion. Show you’re unique with really unique products.

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Wrap Dress – Perfect Party Dress

A wrap dress is more of a casual dress worn by women during every day activities but it can also be suitable for parties, depending on the style, design and fabrics used. The dress is actually formed by placing one side of it over another and forming a v-shaped neckline. It’s also very feminine as the neckline and the torso part are tight while the rest of the dress is flare, making the woman have an hourglass figure. The dress can be opened or the sides can be sewn together, depending on the design; however, in both cases, the dress looks like it’s made of two pieces that go over another.

Wrap Dress

This type of dress is a great everyday dress if you buy one in a neutral color, which can be combined with most of your accessories. If you want something for summer, you can get one in a fabric that will allow you to keep cool and also has some brighter colors, even some nice looking patterns such as flowers or abstract shapes.

When it comes to accessories that can be easily combined with this dress, belts are great as they mark your waist even better. All types of belts go well with this dress, just remember to wear those that look better on you. If you are very skinny avoid really big belts; on the other hand, if you are overweight, you should avoid small and thin belts. The good thing about this type of dress is the fact that it can be worn by everyone so you can skip the belt if you don’t know what to choose.

The jewelry pieces suited for a wrap dress are those who are a bit simpler and elegant. Due to its complex design, you should avoid wearing really big or really colorful jewelry that stand out. They will only make you look like you are wearing too much or trying to catch people’s attention and you should feel elegant and classy when wearing a wrap dress.

A perfect dress for prom, the wrap dress promises to give even the most unfeminine body shape the elegance it requires.

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Christian Lacroix

Christian Lacroix is a fashion designer from France and is considered to be the most influential designer. He started designing at a very early age and he liked drawing historical costumes. Later this seemed to be his greatest passion as he went to study Art History.

His career started when he worked for Hermes and Jean Patou. He started his own couture house in 1987 and soon started selling ready to wear clothes in 1988. His style was greatly appreciated as it involved elements from different culture and very unique features. It also seemed that his passion for historical costumes was showing in his designs as he created really sumptuous dresses that included corsets and crinoline, both elements symbolizing Victorian Era. His style is easily recognized because he always uses bright and hot colors and different material combinations.

christian lacroix

Unfortunately his finances had their downfall in 2009 and he declared that he gained little profit from his business. But his designs managed to influence the fashion world in many ways. A lot of his iconic pieces are based on the past and folklore. Others are based on different ethnic styles or theatrical styles.

He created a few perfume line in 1999 and later he became a partner with Avon and was the designer of a perfume called Christian Lacroix Rouge for women and Christian Lacroix Noir for men. Both products were very successful and lead to creating other fragrances in partnership with Avon Company.

He is also an interior designer, a curator and takes great pleasure in being involved in history projects.  Sometimes he takes projects to design different costumes for operas and theaters as he can easily let his imagination go and do what he knows best.

Nowadays he had taken a project and is collaborating with a clothing brand called Desigual, a Spanish company. Christian Lacroix will always remain an important name in the fashion industry, not only for his unique styles but also for his dedication and affection he had for people who worked for him. He was always worried about women in the fashion industry and was devastated when his company lost millions of dollars. Fortunately, he still designs and collaborates with a lot of important people so we can still take pleasure in admiring his work.

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All White for The Summer

Minimal white is one of the hottest summer trends, which characterizes the idea to wear clothing in white, all in white. There is nothing more charming than a shining white next to a tanned skin and probably this is the reason the white to be always on fashion. Can you imagine a summer without men in white shirts or women in white skirts? Surely not. However, to be dressed in accordance with the “minimal white” fashion theme for summer, you should wear white from the head to the shoes. Business suits, casual wear and evening clothing – everything is allowed to be white!


There is one big trick, which is in the top trends for this summer as well: the use of bold colors together with the minimal white. Small accessories like a fine scarf or a bracelet on the wrist in bold colors will make your white dress or pantsuit even whiter! In order to soften the white suit in specific situations, you may use softer colors next to face and as accessories (like shoes or a bag). There is almost no color, which cannot be combined with white. However, if you would like to stick strictly to the “minimal white” trend, you ought to avoid mixture of bold colors with white. Such a colorful combination will make you lose the elegance of your dressing.

There are some rules in wearing white, which can help you to be brilliant in this “all white” style:

  • When buying skirts, trousers, dresses or jackets, prefer closer and thicker fabrics. The most important is that the seams cannot be visible from the outer side of the clothes. The same is valid for the pocket bags: they must always be invisible, especially on trousers. Only the fabric of a flared skirt or a blouse may be transparent to some extend. However, you should be careful in which situation to wear them.
  • Be careful not to obtain “medical” look. Such a look of a nurse or lab assistant can be easily reach when low heeled shoes are combined with “all white” clothes. In any case a color accent may change the situation.
  • Forget about colorful underwear. The last refers mainly to colorful bikini, as a contrast color bra may give you sexy look under a white jacket with a deep neckline. Certainly, this style is more appropriate for evening party than for the office.
  • Find out your shade of white. There are so many shades of the white color, that you will surely find the best for the tan of your skin. You may combine different white shades in one dressing, there is no need the shades to be perfectly the same. This “impasto” of white can be very elegant! A practical trick is to see how the white shades go together on the sunlight. Darkness can change colors and especially the shades of white become quite invisible. Be careful as some combination of white shades in one dressing may result in “worn out” look.
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New And Old Luxury Watches

The main way to group luxury watches is by brand. There are quite a few big names in the business and with new styles being introduced each season, it can be hard to keep up with all the changes. Rolex watches have certainly withstood the test of time and the company makes about two thousand watches each day. That is very much considering the prices and the exclusivity offered by this brand but there will always be a demand for glamorous timepieces mainly because of the way that people see them. These watches are appreciated as status symbols for the elite and a name like Rolex will always get recognized very easily.


It is not just about the new styles, heritage is very important when it comes to luxury watches and while there are some names that are very recent, most big companies have a long history and strong traditions in making perfect timepieces. Rolex watches have been around since 1905 and over this time, many unique models have appeared that brought change and innovation. The most valuable timepieces on specialty sites like Horologue, are those from limited editions that have a serial number. This makes them collectibles and you can’t simply set a price on them. The original Rolex Daytona series, for example, had a unique four digit code on every model so that people could keep track of every model from the limited series. Once the series was sold, the demand was still very high so Rolex decided to create a new series with a six digit code; although these models are valuable, the first series remains priceless.

Rolex watches have always been good at combining the new with the old. Keeping traditions alive with every timepiece is what makes this brand so important but making each of the status symbols for the modern elite is what makes them fashionable. It is no wonder then, why Rolex timepieces are valued and desired by everyone.

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Christian Dior – Work Dedicated To Women

Christian Dior was a fashion designer from France who was born in a wealthy family. His parents hoped that he would became a diplomat but his creative style and the fact that he was drawn to art made him turn to fashion. He also owned a small art gallery and after losing his business he started working with the well-known designer Robert Piguet. After serving in the army he came back and joined the fashion house called Lucien Lelong. He was quite successful that time and he is known to have been having contact with Nazi officers and he managed to keep his business during the war.

dior ad

He opened his famous fashion house in 1946 and he soon became popular because he managed to create very feminine pieces with lovely elements that made the women who wore them very voluptuous. A lot of elements were part of his collection and things like corsets or petticoats were the most important features of his creations.

His personal life was kept away from the public but we know that he was openly gay and he died without having a family of his own. There is a lot of controversy surrounding his death circumstances. Some people believe he died of a heart attack after playing cards, others offer other explanation such as dying after chocking with a fish bone. However, there are some who say that he actually had a hard attack after having a very demanding sexual experience, but nobody is sure of what happened before he died and to this day, nobody knows how he actually died. Everything that is known is the fact that he died while being on vacation in Italy in 1957.

Christian Dior

Christian Dior revolutionized the fashion world through his fantastic themes and colorful materials. He managed to create a beautiful design that would complement any woman and make her features stand out. This is what fashion should be about and the early fashion houses teach us that it’s not about prestige and fancy materials as it is about making the person who wears those close feel better about themselves and gain confidence.

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Eva Herzigová

The beautiful Eva Herzigova is mostly known from her famous Wonderbra campaign that was voted in a Poster of the Century contest. She became a top supermodel mostly because her unique look manages to stand out in any advertisement she did.

A lot of people don’t know that she was in fact born in Czechoslovakia and was discovered when she was 17. She was actually visiting Germany with her parents and the American Modeling Agency Madison asked her to enter a beauty contest. She was extremely popular in the 90’s and was featured in a lot of high-end fashion advertisement.

Eva Herzigová-Model

Since then she became a world fashion model and even pursued a career in acting, like most well-known fashion models and had her film debut in the movie called Les Anges Gardien with Gerard Depardieu. She argues that her decision to become an actress is based on the fact that she cannot be a model when she is old but she will be able to be an actress even when she will be 60 years old. This only shows what a responsible and down to earth person she is.

Her personal life has been quite normal for a model and she managed to create little controversy during her career, unlike other models who had problems with drugs and media scandals.  She married Tico Torres, the famous drummer from Bon Jovi in 1996 but they divorced after only 2 years. Now she is in a relationship with Gregorio Marsiaj with whom she has a son.

She recently launched a clothing line with the French brand Etam; she is also involved in a lot of humanitarian work and nowadays she is helping children who face leukemia.

Although she is considered old at age 39 in the fashion industry she recently did a photo-shoot playing the role of the famous Marilyn Monroe for the famous photographer Vincent Peters.

Although Eva is not much into the spotlight as she used to be she still does a lot of ad campaigns for well-known designers and fashion houses which shows that talent can easily stand the test of time.

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Louis Vuitton Handbags – Feeling Beautiful

Everybody agrees that there is something about each and every one of the Louis Vuitton bags that makes a girl ecstatic. The shape, the smoothness, the beautiful design, and its functionality – all these things contribute to the popularity of these handbags. However, the price can be really high and when you decide to buy one of those babies, you will have to make sure that you are making the right decision. You don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on a Louis Vuitton bag that doesn’t fit your figure.


Tote bags- you could opt for a Louis Vuitton tote bag but only if you spend a lot of time everyday carrying different things. Otherwise, such a bag might seem to be a little too big for a girl who dresses elegant. On the other hand, there are a few smaller versions that can be easily fitted with any outfit. A tote handbag is definitely the best decision for school or work, so you will surely gain the most when it comes to functionality if you opt for a Louis Vuitton tote. Another important aspect of tote bags is the fact that manufacturers tend to make them more durable so this bag will not get worn out too quickly.

Clutch bag – If a Louis Vuitton clutch is what you need, you probably have an important event where you need to pair the bag with some sumptuous dress. There is nothing wrong with that but you should choose a model that is pretty classical when it comes to design so that you will wear it to future events too. It’s a pity to own a Louis Vuitton bag and not be able to show it off. These bags are made to be held in hand so if you find one that also has detachable straps it’s a great opportunity to manage and gain 2 types of bags in one.


Hobo bag – if you prefer large handbags a hobo bag is definitely what you need. Louis Vuitton has a great selection of hobo bags so you will surely find something that suits your taste. This is a type of bag that can be worn during any occasion so it’s probably a great option when it comes to buying something expensive. Make sure that you go for more classic colors and lines to be able to wear your Louis Vuitton bag for a longer time without it going out of fashion.


What You Should Look Out For This Summer

While everyone is keeping a close eye on what to wear for spring 2015 we all know that the star of a year’s seasons is summer. So in this article we will be looking at some of the most interesting trends, clothing and general fashion to expect for summer 2015.

Possibly the biggest star of next year’s summer season will be khaki. Expect it everywhere, from feminist themed clothing to famous brands and designer to the classic military themed clothing that will also be in this summer. Some nautical accents will also work with kaki while other will rely heavily on the classic navy blue.

While the ‘90s are a big thing next year you should also know that hippie influences are back in, and the more the merrier. Long flowing dresses, light materials and everyone’s hippie favorite, the flower pattern are all back and they seem to be one of the biggest influences for next year’s summer clothing.

Make sure you also check out jumpsuits and with the likes of Dior, Emilio Pucci or Ralph Lauren joining the trend you will certainly have from where to choose. Whether we are talking about modernist, a callback to military influences or a one piece power suit this summer is all about jumpsuits, this being possibly the most innovative addition to next year’s trends.


Another huge trend will be patchy denims. A multitude of colors, sizes and combinations are going to liven up the classic denim. Whether you will go for the day-to-day look or a more daring denim dress is entirely up to you but you might want to check out what Gucci is cooking up for summer 2015 before you choose anything.

Another highly imaginative addition to summer 2015’s fashion will be the romantic lace influence. From simple details to a fully sized dress, lace has never been so popular. Make sure you check out collections by Valentino, Chloe or Dior and see what works best for you.

The ballerina look will also be making an interesting comeback with some beautiful clothing gracing the runways and possibly your collection when summer hits. Giorgio Armani, Alberta Ferretti  and Valentino all picked up on the trend and offer light, short and stunning dresses that are sure to impress, regardless of how you choose to wear them.

Stitching together different patterns and fabrics is also a major trend for summer 2015 with Dries Van Noten and Prada boasting some amazing collections in this regard.

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Why You Should’t Buy Replica Bag

At first, we are all intrigued by fake bags, so intrigued that we’re actually considering buying this type of product. We are tempted by its beautiful appearance and by the idea that we could look more stylish with a designer bag on our arm, even if it is just a replica. The truth is that a fake purse isn’t as great as it may seem. It has numerous downsides and if you make the mistake of buying a knockoff you may end up regretting this decision. Why is that?  Well, I can list you at least 4 reasons.


  1. Replica bags aren’t perfect copies

The first thing replica sellers tell us about fakes is that these are perfect copies of the original purses. This is the biggest lie ever. Maybe for a person who isn’t familiar with the authentic design, a clone may seem pretty genuine looking, but for someone who knows a thing or two about these products the difference is more than obvious. The first important difference is the fabric used for manufacturing the purse. The factories that make imitation bags do not have access to good quality leather or canvas and because of this they use inferior fabrics that, obviously, look very different and have a distinct feel. Authentic designer handbags have a very elegant shine and a delicate feel while replicas are too shiny and have a cheap texture.

  1. Replica bags smell

That’s right, ladies. You can smell a replica from miles away. This isn’t an exaggeration, but rather a normal consequence of the fact that these copies are made from poor materials that need very strong chemicals to shine and have a suppler feel. The Internet is full with complaints from customers who were tempted by the illusion of getting a replica bag at a fraction of the price of the authentic purse. After receiving the knockoff, these ladies were shocked to discover that it was impossible to wear the fake handbag due to the very strong smell.

  1. Poor quality hardware

On a bag, the hardware is very important. Each designer uses a certain type of metal that is unique due to its shine, color, craftsmanship and embossed logos. All metallic parts of a bag are usually stamped with the brand’s name or logo. The problem with replicas is that they have poor quality hardware that fade off in time, start to rust or do not have the correct logos.

  1. It’s all in the details

Of course, the complexity and beauty of a luxury designer bag consists of its intricate details and the gorgeous way that these blend together to create an exquisite fashion accessory. Details like the symmetry of the stitches, the shape of the handles, the authenticity tags, dust bag and the font of the texts make the difference between a replica and the genuine handbag. If one of these very small things is distinct then anyone can tell that your purse is a fake.

The conclusion here is that the perfection and uniqueness of an original bag consists of its flawless craftsmanship, refined materials and delicate feel, and, unfortunately, replicas will always be just some cheap and tacky copies that aren’t worth anyone’s attention and money.