Bolero – An Essential Item

It can be really difficult to go outside in the cold after putting on a sleeveless dress or a top.  This is why having a bolero is very useful and it can be a great top part for your outfit that will enhance some of the best aspects of your body like your waistline or hips if you have a tight outfit.


The bolero, also called a shrug, will cover the top of your body, the shoulders and your arms while revealing the rest of your waist and hips. It’s a perfect piece of clothing to wear over something that is too revealing or to have around when the weather gets too chilly. This is also perfect for brides as they can cover the top part of their wedding dress if it doesn’t have any sleeves.

There are many types of bolero jackets or shrugs, made from different fabrics. Some of the most common are those made from wool or other warm materials as they can be easily worn throughout winter. Also, there are also bolero jackets that are suited for more classy and elegant outfits so they can be worn indoors.  They can also have buttons or be wide open but it’s best to get one with buttons if you plan on wearing it during winter or autumn. The ones that don’t have buttons typically only consist in a fabric that goes along your back with sleeves attached to it.

There are some interesting combinations you can make with your bolero jackets. If you have a very dark outfit you can add a bit of color with a brighter bolero. On the other hand, you can soften bright colors with a more neutral bolero jacket. It’s up to you to find which combination suits you better. If you are good at knitting, you can create your own bolero, there are many patterns on the internet and you can easily find one that you like and make it on your own. If you are not good at crafts, there are thousands of shops online and shops around your area that have a great selection of bolero jackets.

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Toms Shoes

If you want something different and fashionable, why not get some TOMS shoes. These cute fashion items are very lightweight and comfortable and although the company is relativity new, the shoes have made quite an impact on the fashion world. The design is based on alpargata, an Argentinean style that uses light materials such as cotton to create light footwear with a flexible rubber sole. Usually, there is no heel to the design to maintain the simple look and feel.

 Toms Shoes

When TOMS was founded, in 2006, the main goal was to help people in need. This idea came when Blake Mycoskie and his sister were in Argentina while participating in the popular TV competition, The Amazing Race. Since they started making shoes, for every pair sold, they donated one to a person that was in need of shoes but didn’t afford them. This mentality brought a lot of positive attention towards the company and the shoes quickly became a fashion symbol.

TOMS shoes can now be found in a wide variety of models and they are quite fashionable. The price is also affordable and most models cost around $50 although there are some that can set you back $100; a small price to pay for such a nice pair of shoes which you can hardly feel on your feet. They are perfect for the warm season or for wearing around the house. Once you buy one pair, you will surely come back for another, and another.

There you have it, a pair of shoes that is very stylish and which you will forget you have them one due to their light weight. The fact that with every pair you buy, you help a child in need makes TOMS shoes a must have when it comes to fashion items for every season.

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Jewelry and Bling

Nothing screams out fashion and beauty like a beautiful piece of jewelry; whether you are going for the retro or vintage look, full of color and textures from chunky to clunky and the bigger the better.

So when you are looking to add to your jewelry collection or just looking to add a few pieces to your collection then you are indeed in for a treat.

Jewelry fashions have a tendency to change according to each new season, and picking out new jewelry is a fabulous and fun way to update your look. If you want to introduce new styles into your look, you can choose two or three pieces that jump out and grab you by the throat.

big bracelet

If your look is bright and jazzy, choose a glistening large bracelet or giant pendant. If you want a more classic style and maintain a sense of conservatism, you can for the old standbys such as pearl earrings or you may even choose a few vintage pieces such as chokers, brooches, and jewels that go in your hair which harkens back to the decade of the 1940’s.

bib necklace

Another trend is the bib necklace these necklaces are jewelry that contain two or more layers of gemstones and or chains stacked against each other to form a shape around the neck like how a bib would on a baby. There are endless possibilities when choosing this style of jewelry.

Gold is in again, anything gold is en vogue, as well as sterling silver, these two metals have always been a staple in the jewelry market and when you combine one of these two with any of the beautiful gem stones that are out there, they are a win-win, who doesn’t love the look of sapphire mixed with silver? So go out and buy some bling.


Accessories For Every Man

There are a couple of fashion items that every man should own and not only because they look good but also because they are very practical. Depending on your budget, you can choose the kind that suits you best but there are affordable options for these must-have accessories.


The first one is a wallet. Some consider the wallet as a handbag for men, it is a trusted accessory without which one doesn’t leave the house. It is the place where the most important items are held and you can quickly feel it if you don’t have it in your pocket. The bi-fold design is the most popular because it is practical and it fits perfectly. Black or brown leather are the safe choices and if you like the big fashion brands, you can always get one with their logo as long as you are willing to pay the high price.

men watch boss

The second accessory which shouldn’t miss from a man’s outfit is a watch. The watch is a very important fashion statement and buying one can set you back thousands of dollars. It is not just because it can tell time but because it can complete any look as long as you get the right model. A luxury watch is the single piece of jewelry a man should wear and it is enough to tell a lot about his style. Make sure you get one with a nice design and with a famous brand name on it although this can add a lot to its price tag.


Must Have Fashion items For The Elegant Woman

There are some fashion items that never get out of style and sometimes it is mandatory for a woman who wants to be extremely elegant to own them. Here is a list with all the sophisticated fashion items that any true lady should have in her wardrobe.

Long gloves – long gloves are not worn by many women when they want to be elegant but it’s definitely a plus to have them around. They go extremely well with a sleeveless dress or with something that has very short sleeves. If you want to look sophisticated, they are definitely the fashion items you should wear at a dinner party or something more pretentious. Also, accompanied by the little black dress and a pair of pearl earrings, they are the key to success.

Stiletto shoes – when it comes to footwear stiletto shoes are definitely a must. Even if you don’t wear high heels every day, a lady should always have a pair in her wardrobe for that special date or that special outfit she wants to wear. Any dress, no matter how boring it is, will go well with these shoes. The perfect colors are usually either something neutral like beige or white or something classy like black or red.

A pencil skirt – whether you wear it at the office or during a hot date, the pencil skirt never fails and it’s probably the epitome of elegance. It was very popular in the 50s and we can see why women were considered to be so elegant during those times: it was probably this skirt and their feminine attitude. But even if you don’t know how to have a feminine attitude, this skirt will definitely give you one.

An elegant jacket – another of the must have items for a woman who wants to be elegant, the jacket goes well with almost anything. You can pair it up with some pants and high heels for an office look or with a skirt for an important meeting or a date where you want to look your best. No matter how you wear the jacket, it will definitely give you more elegance and sophistication.

Fashion Clothes

A Few Trends for the Autumn Winter 2012-2013 Season

While some people expected the next fashion season to be strictly commercial and gloomy, it proved to bring a lot of surprises and promises, if we take into consideration the runways. Clearly the main features are the generous volumes, the oversize, the androgynous silhouettes, the masculine fabrics and cuts, aquatic and equastrial themes, return to the style of the 70s and even of the 50s, black and other dark colors, lather and a touch of lace.

Trench coat, rangers and the chromatic dominance of khaki tones have been reccurently seen on the catwalks of the most famous fashion designers, such as Balmain and Victoria Beckham. Inspired by the rigor of the army, the silhouettes have become more stringent, the outfits tougher and the soldier’s uniform is reinterpret as a fashion garment in the form of brandenburg jackets, collared shirts and infantry caps, gold badges and medals.


Women walking the catwalk during Jean Paul Gaultier or Versace shows have dark pale complexions, ebony hair and a fatal figure. Mysterious vampires dressed in leather, fishnet and lace, they plunge into total darkness with Givenchy or spread the gothic spirit all over the audience with Dolce & Gabbana and its floral canvas. Updated in accordance with the contemporary style, the bouquet of roses embroidered in cross stitch and other tapestry designs are combined with sequins and oriental pearls, resulting into outfits inspired by the Art Deco style with Valentino.

While African patterns set the tone for the spring summer season of 2012, winter collections switched their inspiration sources to Asia. Reinterpret in a Western style, the Mao collar, the traditional Manchu dresses which could be seen on the runways of Proenza Schouler, Dries Van Noten and Barbara Bui give the impression that the creators have stopped over Shanghai, Beijing or Hong Kong.

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Unique Fashion Items and Accessories

There’s nothing cooler than unique fashion items and accessories that can be combined with a simple outfit. Here are a few accessories that can be used whenever you want to spice up your look and be more unique.

Big necklaces – a big necklace is not just a show off but also a fashion statement; you will definitely stand out with that type of accessory but you must be sure that you combine it with the right outfit. If you want to be elegant it might be bad taste to get a big necklace, especially if you are at the office or during a business meeting. Such an accessory should only be used during casual meetings like going out to the club or grabbing drinks with your friends. You can combine it with almost any casual outfit and it will definitely enhance your appearance as long as you make sure it’s not very kitschy.

Colorful and childish accessories – for some, it may be weird to wear kawaii accessories and other things that are more related to a certain Japanese subculture. However, these can be really interesting, especially when trying to go for a more effortless look or something a little more playful. A bit of pink and a few anime style accessories can be perfect to spice up that casual wear and make people more intrigued by your personality.

Glamor accessories – these can be a little distasteful for some people, but others love them and they can be great in certain contexts. If you are planning to go to the club or a very fancy party, glamor accessories can be great and really put some sparkles on your look. Sparkly belts, big sunglasses, diamonds and a lot of shiny colors are definitely glamorous if you are looking for some pointers when choosing your accessories.

It’s up to you whether you want or not to add unique accessories to your outfit, but everybody should go crazy and wear something completely unusual at least once in their life. Not only is it quite liberating but you can also learn something about yourself and realize that you might like this style.


How To Choose Yoga Pants

Yoga pants are a great way to make sure that you stay comfortable during your favorite physical activities. You can buy yoga pants for light exercise but also for more demanding activities, but some pants are better than others and knowing what to get will benefit you in the long term. Here are some tips that will help you choose the best yoga pants.

Fabric – make sure that your yoga pants are made from a fabric that absorbs humidity, keeps your skin cool and also feels comfortable. Cotton and Lycra is probably the best combination as you will be able to stretch but some people go as far as buying organic yoga pants. It is important to decide what activity you will do when wearing your yoga pants; if you are going to actually do yoga, you will need something that stretches, but if your activity implies more rigid but more intense moves, you need something more durable.

Fitting – Some women might feel self-conscious when wearing yoga pants; if you don’t think you will be comfortable having your curves in tight pants, you can choose something that is a little looser. This way, you will be able to enjoy the freedom yoga pants give you but without feeling awkward.

Color – the color doesn’t matter that much if you just plan to use your yoga pants during exercise; however, you can try to get a darker color if you want to look slimmer and feel better. On the other hand, you can also try to get something that is trendy if you want to wear them casually. Some people choose to wear yoga pants even outside the exercise room and they manage to look amazing. The whole key is not to make them look elegant because that would be a fashion disaster; they are perfect for a walk in the park or getting drinks on the shore.

Yoga pants are definitely the best option when you want to wear something during physical activities that actually makes you look good but also feel comfortable, which is a big plus when trying to get that self-esteem high.

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Summer 2012 Various Sunglasses Trends

With summer almost knocking on our door, we need to find out which are the trends for sunglasses. Whether you are going to sunbathe or just want something to protect your eyes during your daily chores, sunglasses are definitely a must during summer.

Round Shaped Sunglasses – these are definitely in this season and already a lot of celebrities have been seen wearing them. The bigger, the better so make sure that you take a pair that has big lenses if you want to stay in trend this season.

Classic 50s look – the classic look is now in trend; add elegance to your outfit with the Marilyn Monroe style sunglasses and make your entrance in a diva mode. You can choose whatever colors you want as long as they are retro.

Contrast sunglasses – these are pretty amazing, especially if they have certain colors that make a beautiful contrast; you shouldn’t think about black and white contrast, think about colorful glasses, not the usual contrasts. Perhaps you can even choose contrasting patterns or something similar that will make them stand out.

Sporty glasses – you can definitely choose these glasses if you are into sports; they are perfect for everyday wear and casual outfits. The whole idea is to create an effortless and comfortable look.

Uncommon shapes – a great trend this season is having sunglasses with uncommon shapes, such as the ones that were used in the 80s. You can get heart shaped, rectangle or even star shaped sunglasses; they will definitely make you look hip and give that uniqueness to your outfit. This is surely a great and fun way to dress when you are going out with your friends.

Motorcycle glasses – these have been in trend for a long time now and they keep on being desirable for everybody; there’s nothing sexier than a cool look that involves motorcycle glasses.

Sunglasses are a way to accessorize your outfits and bring a little hint of coolness to your look; also don’t forget to buy sunglasses that are of good quality as you will want to protect your eyes in the process too.


Codie Young – The New Face Of Marc Jacobs

If you are familiar with the advertisements for the new Marc Jacobs fragrance, you will recognize the name Codie Young. Since Dot has hit the shelves, this young model has become quite popular with an innocent and pretty look captured by Juergen Teller. While the perfume as well as the photographer deserve a lot of attention, it is hard to look past the beautiful Australian model and her green eyes.


Born November 1, 1992, this fashion model was first noticed in March 2010 by Busy Models in Australia. Her natural beauty as well as talent didn’t take long to make Codie Young the cover girl for Vogue, Australian edition. This brought her a lot of attention from other big fashion houses but she decided to decline everything that would stop her from finishing high school in her native country.  Although she was going to school and finished in 2010, by this time she would already have four editions of Vogue in her resume and things only seemed to get bigger as she was now ready to pursue her modeling career over the ocean. The 2011 Fall/Winter season was the first in her international career and names such as Calvin Klein and Marc Jacobs showed interest in the young beauty.

Ever since she finished high school and started an international career, things only kept going up and over the years, she has managed to represent some of the biggest names in the fashion industry and has been part of quite a few agencies. Her most recent magazine cover was for Playing Fashion in 2012, the Ukrainian edition.

Obviously, being the face of Marc Jacobs’ new fragrance is very important for a fashion model due to the big exposure to the public as well as other big fashion designers. Her unique beauty and piercing eyes makes her stand out more than the ladybug shaped perfume bottle. We will surely get to see more of this fashion model because she is young, beautiful, and hardworking and with such big names behind her, she can only keep going up. After all, ladybugs are said to bring good luck.

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